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Quantum Healing Hypnosis/Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis

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Hi!  I'm Jan.  I facilitate wonderful 

journeys through past, present, future or in between lives. 

  Then we  have the ability  to connect with your


self, oversoul, subconscious or what ever you like to call it to initiate your healing process during your session. 

 I am also an Energy Transfer Reset Practitioner that facilitates the end of most of your pesky contract that you incarnated with.

 Please read about it in a further section below. 

 I add to my list ...

Empath, Energy healer, Reiki Master for people and animals.  I am a Crystal Healer, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner for in person sessions or Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner for  online sessions as well.  During  your interview we can also discuss who else you would like to communicate with during your session.

 No limits...anything is possible!!

Let the excitement begin!!!

Anything is Possible

Feel the Freedom After Your Session!

 QHHT is a result of over 45 years of the late great Dolores Cannon's hypnosis work.

Thanks to her dedication and discoveries, we now have a way to go directly to the source of all knowledge.  This extremely powerful force has the answers to all questions we could ever ask and is capable of doing instantaneous healing on the body.  Call it the subconscious, oversoul, 

higher self or higher consciousness.  Its your choice...

 Its your journey!

There are no guarantees, but these are some of the remarkable results Dolores and her QHHT practitioners have experienced with clients during a session:

- Cancer of all types at various stages being cured

- Cartilage being reconstructed between joints 

- AIDS being cured and eradicated from the body

- Heart conditions being healed, afterwards surgery is no longer required

- Deteriorated livers being regenerated and restored to full function

- Open flesh wounds being regenerated with 

No scarring

- Migraines being explained and their root causes Removed

- 20/20 vision being restored where people no longer need corrective vision

Diabetes being cured and the causes for it explained

- Intestinal problems being cured

- Lower and middle back problems being cured

- Skin problems

There is nothing beyond the realm of possibility.  There are no limitations except the limits of your own imagination.

Information courtesy of QHHTofficial.com & Suzanne Spooner

How to Prepare for your QHHT Session or BQH online Session


On the day of your session, you will come to your appointment with a list of questions that you want answered by your Higher Self.  You can have two lists.  

Personal / Life questions like "What is my purpose?"  or "Why did I have that car accident in 1998?"

Health and Body questions for what ever ails you currently or has in the past.  

We will spend some time getting to know each other and your reasons for wanting this session.

 I will explain how easy it is to be guided into this deep state of relaxation and to let go and have an amazing experience. 

 We will talk about your list of questions and your life's journey. 

 Your hypnosis process will take one to two hours, sometimes a little longer. 

 This will be recorded as the more you replay it after your session the more healing you can receive, especially the healing with the Subconscious.

  You will be guided through 1 to 3 past lives or other experiences your soul has experienced.  

If you don't believe in Past Lives or are not sure, we will just call it your story. 

Your High Self is taking you to the

place where your questions and issues began.  If you know this you can then understand, heal and move on in a positive direction. 

 Once we are finished with this segment, I will gently access your High Self to answer your list of questions and to scan your body to heal and repair issues that are known and sometimes unknown to you. 

 Allowing the stream of consciousness called your High Self to use the gift  of your voice is truly beautiful and amazing.

 When your journey is complete I will gently count you up and discuss what occurred and what you remember. 

 Some people don't remember much, and some say they remember everything, but I have found listening to the recording after will help increase your healing process, especially the Subconscious healing segments. 

 Listen to this every night for  a week.

The deep relaxation state is Theta, don't be nervous, you are there at least twice a day every day, just before you fall asleep and just before you wake up.  

I will take you there and keep you in this state for you to access all your answers. 

 It is a multi-dimensional experience and once having it you should have clear understanding of how to maintain this connection to your High Self in your quiet time, meditation or Theta state. 

ETR ONLY $33.33


Everything is energy including our 


When low vibrational energy builds up in our bodies from emotions, fear, sadness, anger frustration, confusion, disappointment and guilt, we develop energy blockages that cause many common medical conditions.  

Western medicine has failed in delivering solutions for the root causes of illness and disease.

Energy medicine is the future.

Energy medicine is now practiced in over 600 hospitals in the United States and the trend is growing at astronomical rates.

The ETR resets your soul back to a PURE state that existed before incarnations. 

Begins a reverse aging process that changes your DNA

Provides Quantum healing, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Is beneficial for humans, pets and any being that incarnates.

When  you  book your appointment please leave your phone number  on  paypal.  If you live outside North America we can use facebook messenger!  

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